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Rotate & Play Kaleidoscope ‘The Forest’


Have you ever experienced a Kaleidoscope that offers double excitement? The Rotate & Play Kaleidoscope is here in 2 special designs to fulfill all of your imaginations: the Castle & the Forest! A dazzling view of a traditional rotating Kaleidoscope combines with a captivating game on its surface! Sparkling tiny pieces braked up in unique kaleidoscopic shapes, call you to discover a world of fascinating optical illusions full of colorful symmetrical patterns! Do you want to continue playing? Just try to find all the hidden pairs by rotating the 4 separate parts around the tube! Pick up 4 different figures and inspire by letting your imagination form a unique fairytale! Playing and learning have never been so stunning before!

Size18 × 5 × 5 cm
Min. Order9 (1 display)

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