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Wooden Metallophone Set C Major, 8 Notes ‘The Boombox’


Boom Boom – Boom Boom: It’s the Boombox Metallophone calling! Ready to get your music inspirations to an upper level? Our fancy & colorful 8-note Metallophone is here to make you feel like the coolest musician of the world! Detach the mallets – antennas, scratch them on the wooden guiro and get to the right frequency. The tuned color-coded bars and the included partitures of 4 songs are here to teach you the notes and to help you discover the beauty of music through increased creativity and critical thinking. The wooden surface offers stability and better sound quality while the red handle helps you play your concerts everywhere! There is also an included cymbal to increase the fun! A partiture holder and a storing case for the mallets form a special design, an alternative proposal of a musical instrument that facilitates the music as the whole enjoyment becomes a unique experience.

Size35 × 14 × 1.2 cm
Min. Order6

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