Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find Svoora products?

If your location is in Greece or Cyprus, you can find Svoora products on (for retailers) & (our B2B platform for wholesalers) as also you can inform us about your region in order to provide you exact information regarding your nearest shop carrying our products.

For any other Country, please contact us on so to direct you to your local distributor.

2. Where is your location?

You can find us at our Headquarters in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece: 3rd klm Thermi – Tagarades, 5 minutes from the “Macedonia” Northern Greece Airport. We would be more than happy to welcome and guide you through our Showroom, so to offer you the best possible view of our products.

3. I have a store! Can I buy directly from you?

If your location is in Greece or Cyprus you can buy the Svoora products directly through our B2B shop (  or  from our parent company “Tsironis S.A.”  B2B platform ( or by contacting us on

If your location is in any other Country, please contact us on so to direct you to your local distributor. In case that we do not have a distributor in your country we can provide you directly.

4. I am located in a country outside EU! Can I buy directly from you?

If you are located in a non-EU country please contact us on so to direct you to your local distributor. In case that we do not have a distributor in your country we can provide you directly.

5. How to become a Retailer?

You can send us your interest in our Contact Form and a representative of Svoora will communicate with you for further information regarding our potential cooperation.

6. How to distribute Svoora Products?

You can send us your interest in our Contact Form and a representative of Svoora will communicate with you in order to discuss further about your inquiry.

7. Is it possible to have a look on your catalogue?

Of course! For your convenience, you can always browse through our online catalogue here:

8. What is the Minimum Order Value?

The Minimum Order Value for any retail shop is 250 €. In case you are interested in distributing Svoora in your country please contact us on as there is a separate policy.

9. Is there any Minimum Order Quantity?

Each product has its own Minimum Order Quantity. By browsing through the site, you can find it on each product page on the Min. Order section.

10. How long does it take for my order to be prepared and delivered?

After confirmation of your order and availability of the requested products, the preparation time at our Warehouse is 1 to 4 working days.

After the payment and the final schedule of the dispatch, the estimated delivery period is 8 to 10 working days for all EU-Countries & Countries around Greece. Keep in mind that this duration may be differentiated in accordance with your location and any extra delays that may occur (i.e. Customs Procedures due to export from Greece and import to the buyer’s country for non-EU destinations).

11. How can I pay Svoora Products? Is there a specific method?

The payment method is 100% Prepayment in Advance via Bank Transfer.

12. Is it possible to deliver my order to a different address from the one mentioned on the Invoice?

Of course, Svoora products can be delivered in any place of your preference, despite the address that is mentioned on the Invoice.

13. How much will the transportation costs be?

The transportation costs normally do not exceed the 10% of the total amount of your order (for EU Countries). Of course, it depends on your location and extra Customs Clearance Costs that may occur, mainly for non-EU countries. In case you have a retail shop in EU please keep in mind that for orders above 1500€ (the total value of the products that are available the time of the order’s submission) we take over the transportation costs!

14. Are there any delivery terms?

Our pricelist is always based on Ex-Works. That means that the transportation costs are 100% covered by the buyer. All Svoora Products are stocked at our Warehouse in Thessaloniki, Greece and are ready to be collected from any forwarding company of your preference.

15. Do you use specific forwarding Companies for the transport of Svoora Products?

The selection of the Forwarding Company is under the responsibility of the buyer. Of course, we can assist you on that by searching if there is a better offer from a forwarder in Greece, in comparison with your country.

16. Are there any additional marketing materials for the Svoora Products?

Of course, we can help you with any promotion action of our products. High quality images, printed & on-line catalogues, detailed product descriptions, banners, Newsletter materials, marketing tactics etc. are at your disposal. Feel free to ask us for any assistance you may need.

17. Are the products coming on displays, as depicted on the site?

In accordance with each separate product, the displays come either for free in a quantity that corresponds to the ordered quantity of the product or they are an optional choice. By browsing through the site you can find in each separate product description, relative details about each case.

18. Are Svoora products applicable to basic safety standards?

All of our products meet the highest safety standards according to EU regulations for children’s safety EN71. Also, most of them are ASTM Certified. Feel free to ask us more information about that.

19. If there is any issue with the products, what can I do?

Feel free to express any thought you may have regarding Svoora products by contacting us through our mail account or our phone number +30 2310 467 077.

20. What can I do for a damaged item?

For any product issue (i.e. malfunction, damage, missing parts etc.) you can contact us on and a representative of our company will contact you for any available solution.

21. I would like to return a product! What should I do?

In case of a return, you can inform us at about all the appropriate details regarding the place from where you bought it, the reason of the return and any additional information that it might be helpful in order for us to direct you accordingly.

22. How do I register to Svoora B2B Shop?

By selecting the “Sign Up” option on the B2B Shop link, you are transferred to a registration Form in order to submit to us, your basic details for your profile creation. After that, a representative of our company will come back to you for your access to our B2B shop, so to provide you with the Username & Initial Password of your account.

23. I missed the password of my account! What can I do?

By selecting the “Lost your password” option on the B2B Shop link, you are transferred to a link for resetting it.

24. Can I add products to an order that I have already submitted?

Of course, at any time before the calculation and agreement of the final dimensions of your order, you can make any addition or change you may prefer.

25. Is it possible to customize Svoora products?

We are able to design from scratch custom made products and displays in accordance with your specific preferences. For projects like that, you can send us your request at and a representative of our company will inform you accurately about the Minimum Order Quantities, the Samples, the necessary Test Reports and the general time plan from the official submission of the suggested design until the production of the final product.

How to buy?

There are 6 concrete steps of the buying process:

  1. When we receive your order via mail or our B2B Shop, we provide you all the appropriate information regarding availabilities in order to agree on them and to see any changes that you may want to do.
  2. After the finalization of your order, we send you the Pro Forma Invoice of your order and the Pro Forma Invoice of your back order (in case that some of your requested products are not currently available), for confirmation.
  3. When we get the confirmation, we calculate the dimensions and weight of the boxes or the pallets and we send them to you, directly.
  4. After that, you can arrange the transportation with your forwarder.
  5. When everything is agreed (order & forwarder), we send you the final Proforma Invoice of your order.
  6. By following that, you can proceed with the bank transfer of the total amount of the final Proforma Invoice and we schedule the delivery of the products.

Further questions

For any further questions, requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form or call us Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (Greece Time) on +30 2310 467 077.

And do not miss the chance to subscribe to our Newsletter here, to stay updated on Svoora News!