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Complete Display with 6 Medium Humming Tin Tops | ‘Fantasia’ Collection (1 display with 6 pcs, 2 designs)


An original and charming tin top collection for unforgettable memories. Pump the handle up and down to see the top spin and to hear it hum, as it builds up speed. An all-time-classic toy made to last!

The display (35 x 25 x 12 cm) includes 3 medium humming tops of each design: Magenta & Cyan.

Size12.5 × 12.5 × 14 cm
Min. Order6 (1 display)

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Risk of choking! Contains small parts that may be swallowed. Please retain this information for future reference.

All of our products have been tested and successfully passed the most strict tests conducted by independent testing labs, according to the Toy Safety Regulations of EN71 and ASTM.

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